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Wim Mulders

Start and create momentum Your sparring partner during the start and the shaping a concept. I’m equipped with a rich imagination, empathy and I’m an “out of the box” thinker. It’s my job to tease you with tough questions like:

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Feasible concepts

Let’s say you have a vague or rudimentary idea but you cannot get any further; then you come to into my comfort zone.

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Information management

Information in control Creating beautiful web sites is one thing. Achieving goals and continuity is the real challenge. I will help you to make results by focusing on the content of your web site or intranet.


Business matters

During office hours I work for a globally operating company called Atos in a role as a business consultant Enterprise Content Management (ECM). Office 365/ SharePoint is my specialism. 



I help you get started. We participate. That’s my promise but there comes a time when you or others have to take over control. You’ll be well prepared to take things in your own hand.

Many struggle with complexity, Wim plays with it.

The best compliment ever, about me.